Seeing Eye® is a multi-award winning independently produced premium Spiced

Crafted in the UK by The Floating World Spirit Company, Seeing Eye® launched
in December 2022 and is building a reputation as a high quality, music-forward,
easy drinking spiced Rum that is big on flavour and personality.

The Floating World Spirit Company is a Bedfordshire based family business founded and run by
Tom & Kelly Kitchiner, a husband-and-wife team with a shared love of great
Spirits and Live Music.

In late 2021, work began on the development of what would become Seeing Eye®
Fine Spiced Rum and over the course of a year, the recipe was developed in
parallel with a brand influenced by a melting-pot of speakeasy bars, fortune
tellers and travelling medicine shows, with a rocky aesthetic.

After months of brainstorming and late-night tasting sessions in search of
big flavours, the recipe was finalised- The “Lucky No. 13 Blend” featuring Tea
Leaves, real Vanilla and a secret mix of spices blended with fine authentic
Caribbean Rums from Jamaica, Guyana and Dominica. 

The label and name Seeing Eye® are inspired by the fortune tellers of the
famous Psychic Tearooms of prohibition era New York, who would interpret Tea
leaves to see into people’s futures. While we can’t guarantee Seeing Eye® will
allow you to see into the future, you can look forward to smooth, rich flavours
and good times- we call it The Spirit Of The Mystic®.

Seeing Eye® is made for music.
We support independent live music and believe our Rum tastes better enjoyed
with electric company and great tunes in the air. Why not try it for yourself…

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